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Staffan Mårtensson is in increasing demand as a conductor. See "Calender" for current and future engegements.

He holds a Master's degree in Orchestra Conducting from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His experience in and in front of orchestras make him equally comfortable as a conductor or soloist. He often combines the two roles.

Staffan has conducted the Norrköping Symphony OrchestraGävle Symphony Orchestra, the Winds of the Stockholm Royal Opera, Umeå Symphony OrchestraVästerås Sinfonietta, as well as the Swedish Wind Ensemble (Stockholms Blåsarsymfoniker), the Östgöta Symphonic Winds (Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker), Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble NEO and KammarensembleN.

He is also a popular conductor with semi-professional ensembles such as the orchestras of the S:t Tomas Church and Pro Musica in Stockholm as well as those in Strängnäs, Västervik and Eskilstuna.


Here are some videos of his performances:


1. Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Brahms: Haydn Variations

Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra


2. Gävle Symphony Orchestra

J Strauss Jr: Fledermaus, Ouverture


3. Swedish Wind Ensemble

Mozart: Gran Partita


4. Winds of the Stockholm Royal Opera

Strauss: Serenade op 7

Strauss Serenade

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